Blood Pact #3

Skulltaker. Bloodspiller. Decapitator.

Titles and accolades of Krahnath ‘har the Butcher and leader of the 888th Death Brigade had many of though he cared not..

The 888th Death Brigade of the Blood Pact are soon combat ready

A brute of a man. Seemingly cut from a gigantic slab of brass and filled with rage..

The full facemask is believed to tell of a position or rank

Though to think he is a mindless tool, a berserker and you are mistaken.ย 

Heavily armed and clad in functional armour

No one reach far in the ranks of the Blood Pact if they cannot curb the desire to reap skulls and transform it into a honed weapon..

The fell weapon, Butchers Axe. The weight and momentum alone enough to kill a man outright

A weapon aimed and posed against the jugular of the Corpse Emperors crumbling kingdom..

Now why the 888th Death Brigade has ventured deep into the bowels of the Crumbling Empire no one but Krahnath ‘har knows and you would have to kill the Butcher to find out..

I wanted to keep the proportions within reason on my leader and while many Imperial Guard miniatures offer size non can quite match the slab like hulk of a man..

..Castellan Creed.

It’s a static pose and little to work with but I feel the changes I’ve made improves on it and sells this individual as one calculating and utterly lethal leader for my warband. I also like that he serves as more grounded compared to the leaders in progress from the others. Though make no mistake, I love what they’ve got going ๐Ÿ™‚

As a parting comment on this particular mini just let me assure you that it was a pain in the behinds to convert this miniature. Such pains..


So the keen eyed has probably spotted a new regular member.

If the Wier brothers don’t approve of the scale on that revolver I don’t understand anything ๐Ÿ˜‰

That’s it for today, now I’m working with this little pile trying to make a loxatl!


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5 thoughts on “Blood Pact #3

  1. Gregory Wier says:

    I am really fond of your use of Castellan Creed. I feel like that is a model that people forget about. I think his reserved pose really adds to him.

    That IS an appropriately sized revolver. Glad that we provided some influence.

    • Thanks Greg ๐Ÿ™‚ Yeah me too and since I went for a fairly realistic approach but wanted an intimidating leader he really fit the bill like no other model I know of. Hah, more rather than less ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • Gregory Wier says:

        He does not need to be in a wild action-based pose to be menacing. Good work thinking to use Creed. I feel like that is a model that people have largely forgotten about.

      • Cheers and I really look forward to chop down some of the giant Champions he’ll face. Because seriously, those other guys in the Vortapt project are bringing the big ‘uns!

  2. […] already said quite a bit about Krahnath โ€˜har as you can see hereย but in short he’s based on Castellan Creed and he’s a wall of a […]

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