Blood Pact #11

More progress and I’m starting to see the end now. Though I made yet another two warriors..

Big brute WiP

I think I mentioned earlier when dropping the stalkertank build that I had thought of a medium sized big guy but dropped that as well.

What can I say beyond..he’s back in the running.

Marksman WiP

The initial idea I had for the Pact was running a close combat oriented warband but with a couple of long range weapons. So the marksman/sniper idea is by no means new but that role was filled by the laxotl until I scrapped him. Instead I decided to make a human based one.

The idea is that he’s a injured veteran filling a new role protecting the warband from afar. Not a desired role in the Pact but one born out of necessity

Seen here are some of the gruesome injuries he has sustained as he needs breathing aid and that he lacks his left forearm having it replaced with bionics

Functional wargear, also for hand to hand combat if needed

Modified lasrifle. Note especially the pointfinder. Most likely an improved version due to vision impairment

Still for all his injuries he is a very dangerous individual


Let me just say that both the rifle and the pose really was a pain in the behind. I didn’t have arms that fit so had to cut, repose, pin and sculpt them to fit.

But he’s all good now and I’ve already basecoated him.


Roua stalks in advance with one of the favoured weapons in the close confines on Vortapt IV

I think this one is one of my favs in the warband. He just looks the business.

I tried bloodshot eyes if you can spot it. They’ve been at it for days maybe even weeks already and are very tired already

The shotgun is from the old Necromunda weapon sprues. I still have 5-6 of those very sprues

The head is originally a Blood Angels head as I wanted a “normal” hairdo. Makes him even more sinister as it shows that it’s normal men behind the grotesques. That makes their actions against their own even worse

Nasty little axe. Originally from the fyreslayer in WHQ

Roua gives me more punch and fills an immediate role in the warband, and I like everyone having dedicated roles so I spent s lot more time planning how I’d use them than I did with the tzeentch warband.

Krahnath β€˜har the Butcher

High Sirdar and the Butchers Hand

I’ve already said quite a bit about Krahnath β€˜har as you can see here but in short he’s based on Castellan Creed and he’s a wall of a man.

His grotesque is all consuming

Caked blood and trophies

Heavily armed and utter confidence

Seeking only the best Champions and nothing less


As I started with, my warband of Blood Pact is almost done. In the beginning I was very uncertain of the results (especially in comparison to Helge’s Black Pox) but I can safely say I’m very happy with my guys now πŸ™‚

What do you think however?


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12 thoughts on “Blood Pact #11

  1. Alex says:

    Brilliant stuff mate, I love the level of character you’ve achieved with each individual, and the painting is sumptuous. That conversion of Creed is awesome!

  2. Really nice mate. Your bits box must be bloody huge!

  3. Frothing_Muppet says:

    Oh the Butcher is brilliant mate – bloody great effort there!

  4. Joe B. says:

    Fantastic work as always! The creativity of each conversion is captured well with your paint job.

  5. Gregory Wier says:

    I am very partial to the marksman! The choice to use one of the Death Korps Grenadier helguns as a basis for the rifle is great, as it is one of the more reserved looking rifles GW makes (and it has a stock!). I like the idea of him being badly injured, but still being able to fight on as a marksmen (the tube going into his jaw being a very nice touch). Another very characterful entry into an amazing warband.

    • Thank you Greg! Often going full blown mutant or something like that is very easy. Holding back and keeping it within mortal reason has been a great learning process 😊

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