Blood Pact #7

Bring in the hounds..

Venator calls in the hounds..

And the hunt for the misguided followers of the weak gods continue..

The keen eyed will notice that I’ve recycled the hounds from a different project but I felt they fit right in here.

Venator himself here is a simple enough conversion but I really like the base model so didn’t want to mess things up.

My fav bit with this trio is that he mind controls them with tech. This is something I read about in a Dune book and it’s really cool recreating that here.

Only one miniature left and I can get started on the painting!


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6 thoughts on “Blood Pact #7

  1. Brilliant. I like the damaged skulls.

  2. Alex says:

    Very nice – great work on the handler, and those hounds look properly dangerous! Wouldn’t want them chasing me :-/

  3. Wudugast says:

    I knew I’d seen those hounds before – glad to see them resurrected! I too really liked the ‘mind control via tech’ idea from Dune – and it ties in rather nicely with our previous discussion of Khorne and his hatred of pyskers.

    Really liking the things you and Wilhel are coming up with for this – and would be very interested to see what the other contributors are working on. The Dali-esque pig that Wilhel showcased is suitably bonkers so if either of you found your way to showcasing your fellow contributors creations I think there’s a lot of us who’d be curious 😉

    • Yeah and it looks like the Sisters I made could very well make a comeback in 2017 too 😀
      The pig is from Rebecca and her tzeentch crew while Mikkel has not published any of his slaanesh publicly yet. Those three live in Oslo so I guess that it’ll be mostly on Wilhelminiatures blog and on bunker but I can repost it here to make doubly sure everyone sees it 🙂

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