Blood Pact #10

Big update today with two painted miniatures and a new wip!

I started to paint the laxotl and the abhuman and realized that they didn’t fit in with my Blood Pact. So I quickly moved in making replacements. This is the first one.

Finally putting the old Necromunda weapon sprue to good use! Now you probably wonder why it’s sydenfly a hurry. Well Helge still has his Nestorian Infestation retinue in transit from GW so we can’t play that, so instead we opted to play a Vortapt IV mini campaign with what we had ready. Seeing I’m on paternal leave it shouldnt be a big problem for me but if I can’t complete enough of the Pact I’ll use the tzeentch guys instead.

Okay enough words, more minis!

I really like how this is shaping up and I’m starting to get to grips with the scheme.

Hormidac, Goremage

A sinister man imbued with powers that tap into the raw emotions of man..

I really feel the simple and unadorned look makes him even more dangerous looking. That and the fact you can see better the dark crimson cloth colour I use on them.

Octar, warrior

Not much to say here really and that goes for them all. We’ll see what stories we can write after meeting the other warbands 🙂



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6 thoughts on “Blood Pact #10

  1. The Goremage is brilliant man!! Is the body from flagellants? I always have trouble finding good cloaked bodies/torsos. Keep up the amazing work man.

  2. heresyofus says:

    Excellent! I agree with imperialrebelork the Goremage is very cool, also a great name for a character.

  3. Alex says:

    Aw yeah, nice one BB, the Goremage is fab! Those WIPs look a bit juicy too mate – looking forward to seeing them!

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