Vortapt IV – Introduction


After endless spamming on the buildup of warbands and Age of Munda we are finally at the point where we can wrap this up 🙂

I’ve already covered how you make a warband here so instead lets look at the players on Vortapt IV.

Note that the complete campaign package with some fantastic fluff (Meaning I didn’t write it) will be out at the end of the week.


Mikkel’s slaanesh only teased with their appearance on the fringes of Vortapt. Doubtless they where “distracted by important matters”..

Rebecca’s fearsome tzeentch cult, the Oratio

Helge and his Black Pox warband led by the Crimson Queen


My own, a Blood Pact warband led by the Butcher

Don’t worry. There will be a lot more as we go along 😉

The terrain we played on was made by Helge, Rebecca and Mikkel. It’s modular and as such it was very easy to get a ton of mileage out of it. We did not use all options to put it like that!

As you can plainly see. It is absolutely phenomenal!

As far as the warbands go they will develop as we go along but the details on how that happens will be shown in the campaign folder.

We played at the Norwegian Masters which hosted tournaments for 9 different game systems.

Very fun setting and we had a lot of people coming by being intrigued by what we where doing. Here’s hoping it will add more INQ28 players in Norway!

In the following days I will hopefully release one Battle report a day and conclude with my thoughts on AoM, the campaign in general, uploading the entire campaign for those that are interested and finally give some thoughts on what the adjusted goals for the Nestorian Infestation campaign will be.

Hope you tag along and do chime in 😊


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12 thoughts on “Vortapt IV – Introduction

  1. Eric M Wier says:

    These are some excellent warbands and a remarkable board to play games on. I look forward to hearing about all the games played and how Age of Munda worked for them! It is pretty incredible how quickly this all came together!

  2. Gabe says:

    Great work! Warbands are looking awesome and those boards are just brilliant, can’t wait to see more from you guys. . .

  3. Livan says:

    I loved the Oratio.

  4. warbosskurgan says:

    This is all so awesome!

  5. euansmith says:

    That is a lovely set of terrain, and the warbands are so inventive. Roll on the Battle Reports!

  6. […] made a campaign package for this which you can read about here. My opponents made the terrain which was simply put […]

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