Vortapt IV. Purge


As the warbands where so even..only one fate could determine who would reign Vortapt and call forth the daemoncore..only one champion could remain!

The Blood Pact moves straight forward and even manages to try and snipe the Crimson Queen again..though this time she saves…doubtlessly having updated her body..

The Black Pox struggle with the toxins in their bodies as they yet again are wracked with it..incapacitating three…

The Oratio for once hold back…even with the giant…

The Blood Pact seemingly split in two…dividing their focus on the two enemy warbands..

Uldun turns into a Bloodwolf for the fourth time…this seems to be the destiny for this warrior..

With the coming bloodshed coming closer more and more warriors of the Blood Pact turns into mindless bloodwolves…charging into the Black Pox. Seeing how his warband crumbles around him..the Butcher goes all in against the Black Pox..

The bloodwolves kills the the Crimson Queen and engage the Pox full on..reaping a toll on them..meanwhile the Oratio focuses on secret missions…reaping points while their enemies blood themselves against each other..

Seeing their time is ripe the Oratio hits their wounded foes…the giant a terrible beast to behold as it stomps its way in their midst…

The rest of the Oratio comes closer and at full strength..magic crackling between the Krek…waiting to be released..

The Pox tries to turn the tide but blindness…another affliction of the Black Pox strikes them hard and fells more warriors..

However the remaining Pox manage to beat back the giant…and send it fleeing back to its masters…


The Blood Pact…now heedless to the impending doom of the Oratio at full strength continue to beat down the Black Pox…killing several..

At the end the Oratio clears out the remaining and severely wounded warriors of the Blood Pact and Black Pox…having hardly taken any damage at all…an easy win for the followers of Change..

Standings after Game 5

Blood Pact 11

Black Pox 10

The Oratio 10

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11 thoughts on “Vortapt IV. Purge

  1. warbosskurgan says:

    Fantastic! Is there one game left?

  2. Gabe says:

    I’ve been loving this series of games, just gutted there’s only one left. . . 😦
    I’d like to know, have you got a list of the different Warbands and their rules?
    Really want to try your AOM ruleset out, if these games are anything to go by it should be great fun. . .

  3. euansmith says:

    This has been great fun and I’m looking forward to the final Battle Royale. I second Gabe’s request for more details on the warbands. Is there any chance of you being able to chase up the other players for their paperwork? The Oratorio don’t seem to have the same self destructive issues as the Pox and the Pact.

  4. riot says:

    I been following these battle reports all week with fasination.

    Goodness knows what the other gamers with their neat little armies made of these visions of madness!

    This is great stuff and for all 40k’s faults it can inspire stuff like this.

    • Cheers mate! We love the weirdness so I kinda wanted to tap into that with the batreps and let the strength of the pics carry the rest.
      Stay tuned for the finale tomorrow then 😊

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