Foul Play #2

Needed a change of pace from grit so opted for a fresh colour scheme!

Greenskins are one of those races that can really deal with a strong palette. So I took a look at the colours the other teams in the league had. Common for most was a muted palette making it obvious I wanted to go the opposite direction! Besides, how fun isn’t it to get beat up by pink & violet stunties 😂

Coaching staff and counters

Star players I plan on inducing as often as possible

My trolls. Love these guys!

Special players. The bombardier is my fav, that little git ❤

Normal goblins but variety is important!

More goblins completing a full roster.

Crappy match record so far but I’m doing it right on the CAS front at least!

Originally I had planned to do a Dwarf team next, using the new models and converting them. However after having my feed flooded with pics of the dwarfs and liking the “evil” races the most…and feeling it mighty tedious to make a full goblin team…and wanting some spare dwarfs for something else..

Well a compromise had to be made! So Chaos Dwarfs then, as it lets me use the goblins as hobgoblins + counters and coaching  staff. WIN!

That leaves me with 1 minotaur, 2 bull centaurs and 6 chaos dwarf blockers.

The bits laid out for the Chaos Dwarf portion

Assembled, slightly converted to mix up poses. Next up is greenstuff to tie them in with the (HOB)goblins part.

For those impatient for more INQ28 related goodness (or maybe AoS28?). Well, we’ll get there eventually but BB is great and all the rage in my club these days – and for good reason 😀


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9 thoughts on “Foul Play #2

  1. Alex says:

    Brilliant mate, loads of character in there – the conversions are very clever!

  2. suncar says:

    Beautiful! I’ve also got the sabretooths in order to make bull centaurs out of them. Looks awesome already

  3. greggles says:

    Grots and trolls? How flipping awesome!

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