Infesting a population. Nestorian style!

The Nestorian Infestation is in need of a population – do you want to help by making NPC(s) for this setting?

The Nestorian Infestation campaign is starting to come along properly and I’ve drafted some possible developements for it.

One thing that’s clear no matter the path it takes is the need for infested/influenced/etc (Genestealer cult hybrid etc) civilian NPCs. They could be on any level in the society and it can be both subtle and not so subtle. As the three of us that are involved already have our hands quite full, we would really appreciate some help in populating this setting beyond the fighting parties.

This translates into the following;

  • Do what you want but there should be at least one sign on the model showing that it has fallen willingly or not under the control of the Genestealer cult of Nestorian. Note that Nestorian uses a form of airborne spore to infect. If that should matter in your build.
  • Another feature to create some coherent feel that people are in the same place is basing. Use this guide that Helge made as reference.
  • Please share WiPs, PiPs and finished pics before you send your contribution as that’s part of the fun! Use the #nestorianinfestedpopulation tag if you want and I can also share them here on my blog if that’s cool with you. Just send pics to the email provided in the next bullet.
  • When finished send a picture of your contribution to and I’ll provide you with the adress you can send it to. This last part is obviously entirely voluntary and there is nothing wrong with making miniatures for the setting just for the fun of it 🙂
  • Timeframe is preferably prior Easter.

So yeah that’s basically it for now but do not hesitate to ask if something is unclear 🙂


Helge, Alexander & Tommy

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52 thoughts on “Infesting a population. Nestorian style!

  1. warbosskurgan says:

    As I have already said elsewhere: I’m in! B-)

  2. Jonny Lashley says:

    Sounds awesome! I’ll see if I can put something together.

  3. Thomas says:

    This looks like a fun little side project. I’m in.

  4. Wudugast says:

    I’m game – count me in 🙂

  5. Legatho says:

    Well, let’s start to do some weird things…

  6. heresyofus says:

    Oh yeah! I have an idea forming in my twisted mind already. Count me in.

  7. the28scribe says:

    Yay another comunity project, and I have just ordered some neophytes

  8. I was just looking at this type of projects to get back into the hobby. I’m in. Just need to update my knowledge of the background for inspiration.

  9. Alex says:

    Sorry dude, can’t commit to this :-/

  10. Krimdar says:

    Really intriguing – hopefully I find the time to build a contribution for your setting:
    A clean air dealer who operates in the most polluted industrial areas where the spores have a hard time getting through all that respiratory gear. Of course “clean” is an elastic term in his case. 😀

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  14. Ross says:

    This sounds like an interesting little opportunity. I’ve had a bunch of 40k bits and pieces lying around that I’ve wanted to use for *something*, but haven’t been able to work out what yet.

    Can/should these civilians be armed?

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