Risi Vortapt #1

Legio Proditor walks..

Risi Vortapt is the second part of the Vortapt setting. The base premise of Vortapt is that we are four players, each handling one patreon decided by lottery draft. This time around the result was;

So tzeentch was my patreon and as any follower of my blog knows – I love tzeentch ❀️

You can follow all our progress on Instagram with the hashtag #risivortapt

I went with Legio Proditor as it is a known traitor legion fallen to tzeentch and that’s about it! Works great for me as it leaves the rest up to my imagination.

I aim to build an Axiom Maniple which consists of;

  • 1 warlord
  • 1-2 reavers
  • 1-2 warhounds

I have something really special planned for the warlord but the start and core of my maniple will be the reavers.

Googling tzeentch titans won’t yield a lot but these two pieces of artwork in particular caught my eye. So mine where made with these in mind.

Now I pre-ordered the reaver and then wrapped up my Epic40k ork warband as you might know already. I didn’t want the grand master ed as the knights and warlord models from it isnt what I want in my maniple.

I only bought one Reaver Battle titan as I wanted to challenge myself and build one from my bits boxes. Here’s roughly how I did it;

The left set is stock. On the right one which is the kitbash note that one thigh is markedly different. I see this as repairs with what’s at hand. Logistics are probably a pain in the Eye of Terror too! I really went deep in the bitz box for the legs but they’re quite close to the original. Very happy with the striding pose.

With the leg armour I met a few hitches. On the stock one I had positioned the legs such that the side hydraulics collided with the armour. So I removed them and plan to fill the gaps. On the kitbash version I used defiler armour plates which I trimmed and and modified to fit. Bonus here is with the surplus hydraulics I could use them on the kitbash.

Over to the hardest part (or so I thought..), the torso. The left is stock, right kitbash.

Parts to make the kitbash version was; contemptor front torso, killa kan front torso, defiler hip joint, dreadnought weapon arms, Blood Angels tank sprue, leftover reaver top armour.

Quite extensive but it works!

Now to what showed itself to be the hardest part – the head. I literally spent an entire evening on it!!

Parts are; trimmed knight face plate, exhaust vent from onager, random leftover cables, castellan gun arm and for eyes I doubt what looks like thin shells from the kataphron kit. Blimey..

I also fixed the torso to the legs and I must say that so far everything looks quite good!

Heads fixed.

Again there’s quite a lot that’s different between the two but you can’t misunderstand which class it is.

Seeing as the reavers will be my mainstay and I dont plan on adding any knights I am maxing out on weapons.

So both gets an Apocalypse Missile Launcher.

Parts for the kitbash; chaos vehicle sprues missile launcher, two onager missile pods, defiler armour plate, vents from drukhari reavers.

Mind there’s a ton of gapfilling to do on the kitbash but first off it is getting the core build together.

For the next sequence of the build I split them up as I will utilize the available weapons from the one reaver kit on my two. Practical issue but also for variety. I hate spamming.

Kitbash weapon loadout;

The stock version is a left arm but I switched it around. I also added clawtips like in the artwork I showed way back at the start.

The left arm is a Gatling Blaster. Parts here are; stock reaver upper arm, defiler leg joint, dreadnought assault cannon. I think it is important to switch things up as it makes it more interesting to look at, and again. I dont think the Eye of Terror is topnotch on service maintenance and spare parts.

And with a bit of simple photoshopping;

Very alike I’d say!

Stock weapon loadout;

Laser Blaster and Volcano Cannon! The volcano is an ork kannon from the battlewagon kit. Upper arm on this arm is a dreadnought leg trimmed down.

Back on both again. Here’s the pre-detailing shot. For loyalist titans this would be a great point to stop. Alas I am not making loyalists.

Legio Proditor is a tzeentch affiliated Legio so to not go the usual route I do of fleshy mutations. Which would look kinda weird on a titan (would it not?) I wanted those building-pauldrons seen in the artwork at the start of the pose.

I started digging out 4 BFG cruisers as the sharp lines and scale would work well with making the type of shoulder armour as seen in one of the initial artworks in the post.

This is the stock one and I feel this worked out quite well! Note that the banners are the cloth streamers from stormcast. I hate those on the stormcast but I like the original Titanicus models which had a lot of banners and stuff like that.

The silhuette is as close as I can get it so very happy with it so far.

Over to the kitbash;

I really dig those city-pauldrons! I actually tried to add a chainblade to the powerfist but it just became way too busy so I dropped it.

Now the very last thing I need to do is greenstuff gapfilling, some more trimming and then I can paint these!

Before I round this very long post I thought it would be fun with some scale comparison pics;

HH marine om 32mm base.

My Great (mega) Gargant. My assumption that it would be wider but shorter was correct. If I’m not mistaken the Great Gargant is on the warlord sized base.

Alongside the Gargant. I think that one is quite close to the size of the coming warhound.

Look how tiny that stompa is πŸ˜‚ Oh man!

So that’s it for this time, hope you liked this very content heavy post!


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16 thoughts on “Risi Vortapt #1

  1. caseyrog says:

    Dude! I can’t believe you kitbashed a reaver. Well, I can I suppose, I just do not have an extensive bits box to accomplish something like that. It looks awesome!

    • Cheers mate! It was a great experiment and I think the point is you can do something similar with what’s at hand more or less πŸ™‚

      • caseyrog says:

        I’ve only been back into the hobby for about 1.5 years and I don’t play 40k so my bits box is quite tiny lol.

        I’ve played AT and really liked it, this kind of makes me want to pick up a box of knights and get tinkering.

      • Well that will probably change quickly with the amount of plastic crack launching over us πŸ˜…

        Cool! Haven’t tried it yet but liked what I read from the rulebook.

  2. Alex says:

    Just wow – that is an amazing job mate, high-5s to you!

  3. Thomas says:

    Impressive kitbash! Makes me want to look into doing stuff like this too.

  4. euansmith says:

    Wow! Your list of Bitz is almost as amazing as the finished model. Very impressive.

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  6. Oliver Newman says:

    Was looking for some AT conversions and these are superb

  7. […] Don’t know if anyone remembered it but I built one of the reavers from my bitz box. You can check it out here. […]

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