Risi Vortapt #2

The Silver Tower of Proditor walks..


..Nemesis Grand..

..the Silver Tower is embedded on the hulk of a broken warlord crackling with sorcerous energy, urging the carcass to move..caring nought for the damage impacting on its hull..only forced back into service by the myriad of sorcerer thralls that serve the master of the Tower..

..the Lord of Carrion..

It has been a while since the last Risi Vortapt update but time has a habit of going way too fast! Helge, that beast though is almost finished!! However rumours tells me that there will be a few more titans in his maniple.

So this warlord variant, which will also be the centre piece is my take on two things;

I have thought of doing other of these epic elements for my Legio but it is quite hard doing it at this scale tbh!

Notably the epic scale Silver Tower, and the Warbringer Nemesis titan;

I just love this pattern. So cool!

My idea is that the Silver Tower has manifested on to the hulk of a fallen titan and then resurrected it for its own purpose. Fun stuff and even traitor legios needs to replenish the ranks once in a while!

I used the newest warlord variant as the basis as I liked the big plasma thingy and the long claws and saw an immediate use for them.

Arrait, pics of the whole thing is in order now;

One thing worthy of mentioning with using a warlord as a base for a Warbringer Nemesis is that the size of a Warbringer is more in the Reaver + class. If you look at the titan builder on FW it has basically the same legs as a reaver but more of a warlord minus torso.

I was fully aware of this and still went ahead with this cause I thought it would look cool 😉

Anyhoo (and I reckon most of you knew that size/scale thing already..)

Here’s the full glory of it! Can’t really see a lot with a frontal view..Note that I still have quite a bit of tidying up to do. He ended up rather tall but I’m cool with that, the Tower is obviously the reason and it is the main feature on the model. Speaking of the Tower it is one of the big ships from Dreadfleet.

I wanted a vulture like face on Warbringer

The choice of not having arms was to not make it overly busy and to play on the zombie vulture/carrion theme going on here.

Just look at the cutest little lascannon ever!

I know this provides a few challenges gamewise but nothing that can’t be sorted. Kinda gives it a wingless carrion look dont you think?

I added Epic scale ork turrets to scifi the Tower.

Kinda regret not landing on the bird theme while doing the reavers but they’re the anomaly as in the more sentient titans in my maniple as I see it.

«Estate with a view» 😂 Here you can see that I split a disc of tzeentch to spice up the shoulder pads

Just a pic to show the excellent attention to detail that you dont really appreciate until you work with the kit.

Now to wrap it up, here’s a couple of pics of the Legio so far;

Personally I think that a Silver Tower needs to be more centre stage and not those small things as they where represented in Epic and I think I succeeded there!

Next up will be the warhounds which are already bought and only needs assembly. Looking forward to it already!


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11 thoughts on “Risi Vortapt #2

  1. Alex says:

    Looking amazing mate! It’s a shame you can’t see the tower more from the front with that monster cannon in the way, but it certainly rewards a closer look 🙂

  2. Thomas says:

    The insanity! I love it.

  3. Wudugast says:

    Love it – it has a really undead vibe about it which is unusual for Tzeentch. Also like that you’ve given it a more magical, almost effervescent quality; a castle in the sky anchored to an undead engine, rather than going too over the top on the mutations (which honestly is the direction I would have gone if given this brief).

    • Thank you! Happy that this is conveyed as there’s a real danger of it all looking just silly 😅
      Rulewise I plan on using a few things that will convey the magical nature over the offensive nature. So more of a supportive role basically

  4. […] Continuing on the bird theme I established with the Lord of Carrion; […]

  5. Mara H says:

    Nice blogg post

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