The Bloodbowl28 Challenge #4

It is time to check out all of the awesome WiPs that people have made for the challenge!

Note that I will only show WiPs in black and white for this update and with excerpts for each 🙂

But lets just get right to it, pretty pics always tops words 😉


This team has been waiting for a lick of paint and it looks like this challenge has helped there!


In the forty-first millennium there is only WAR.

& Duuuuussssstttttt-Bowl!!!!!

Julian has made this fantastic trio of stimmed to the gills goliath BB players. How terrifying isnt that as far as basher teams go!


Ophelia Ironthorn, a dryad who was told she was too soft and too pretty to join the forest team, so she took maters into her own hands and stuffed her bark with the Iron nails of man and tore away her beauty in one agonising ritual of sacrifice. 

Nathan has made a very creepy character with some seamless kitbashing. Very impressive!


Og Goblin

“Fall of the Belov’d of Isha”.

Looking at how it came out, I’m thinking this probably represents the moment that Isha was swallowed by Slaanesh, rather than later, when she was “rescued” by Nurgle.

Euan has really been at it making two very different but super cool characters! I’m hoping he’ll make a full Chaos Pact team tbh 😀


Necrarch-style vampires. Inspired by the Necrarch Blood Bowl Secret League roster.

Very sinister lot from Esben with some great greenstuffed armour! Very intrigued to see more from this secret BB league 🤔

The Puppeteering One

Blistus the Nurgle warrior (two mutations: big hand and tentacles)

Well he is truly blessed and characterfull and cool to boot! Love the helmet.


Werewolf and wight for an upcoming Necromantic team.

Well with this great start I can’t wait too see more positionals 😅


Three of them are part of my Daemon of Khorne team ”Skyla’s Unikhornes” and the last one is an Igor.

Esoteric in miniature form. Love it 😀


Chaos Renegades team. The first is a the team ogre, the second is a marauder.

Very nice looking positionals! As I am very fond of big guys the ogre is a natural fav 🙂


Wanting to join in but hadnt come beyond the concept stage I think we can safely say that this looks very promising!!


Fimir Team – counts as Ogres.

FW Fimir; two handed Weapons removed and punch daggers and fists installed.

For snotlings I’ve made little Bog Imps out of nurglings and various heads.

The first full team shown with markers and everything! Lovely stuff and I can’t wait too see some paint on these!


Starplayer ogryn blocker hired by a mercenary human team.

Putting the might in Mighty blow this one 💪🏻


WIP photo of my first Norse player.

Early but very promising goings!



Manu has already utilized the newest plastics to make a truly scary big guy! Imagine an entire team of these – YIKES!



Another model using the brand new and already very popular Cawdor sprues. Very cool and it`ll be fun to see more of this player (and hopefully a team)!

Gor Hammer

gor hammer

A very brutal looking chap with some seamless integration of the BB bitz. Very nice start!

bit on the side of hobbying
A great start to what I think will be for a Chaos Pact team but I`m sure we`ll get to see more of where this is going this month as the painting deadline nears!


That`s all I think but if someone feels left out do give me a shoutout. Even the bigboss is only human 😉

In summary this is more awesome than I had dared hope for! I really must commend everyone for really bringing new and cool elements to BB which was kinda the hope that we could achieve. Now with October left for painting we are all in for a treat I am sure!

Please note that it is not too late to join in!

The most important deadline is October 31st when your mini(s) needs to be painted, based, taken a nice pic of (or two) and sent to


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11 thoughts on “The Bloodbowl28 Challenge #4

  1. caseyrog says:

    Awesome job everyone! I really like Henry’s sketches, those dudes look impressively weird. I’d also like to hear a parts breakdown on Vladimir’s werewolf.

  2. Fold says:

    Fantastic stuff so far, really digging the Nurgle guy at the end and the Fimir team but lots of potential across the board. Thanks for organising this sweet challenge!

  3. euansmith says:

    There’s certainly some great stuff on show. I’m particularly taken with the way that the Cawdor minis seem rather flexible.

  4. Faust says:

    Wow, great stuff coming out of this! Really excited to see a Fmir team. That was one of my favorite minis from the Heroquests games, and I’ve always wanted to see them crossover to Blood Bowl. Nice work everyone!

  5. […] has been really fun with great attendance, better than expected tbh 🙂 One thing is the 17 wip entries we got, but social media interest and response has been very good. A lot of people have followed […]

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