The Bloodbowl28 Challenge #6

The results are in and we have a winner!


This has been really fun with great attendance, better than expected tbh 🙂 One thing is the 17 wip entries we got, but social media interest and response has been very good. A lot of people have followed the #bloodbowl28challenge throughout so this has been a blast to run! It even inspired me to make a new team for myself!

Now running a 2-month long challenge with both a WiP- and paint round there will always be people not able to finish, but 10 people did and that’s really solid! So big thanks to all 😀


To determine the winner objectively I put up a poll in one of the groups I’m so fortunate to be a part of where basically the who’s who in the INQ28 / AoS28 scene are members (cue word is featured in Blanchitsu).

Note that I did not vote myself.

I let it run for 3 whole days to get as many votes in as I could. Each person could vote on 3 entries. This was to get a better representation of what entries the panel thought was best.

The entries

After the votes where in the results ended in 3 tiers. A winner by clear margin, joint second, the rest.

Time for pics and the results!


Fall of the Belov`d of Isha

This represents the moment that Isha was swallowed by Slaanesh, rather than later, when she was “rescued” by Nurgle..


Euan made two very different players but ones that would look awesome as part of the same team – say Chaos Renegades. Very solid painting and great choice in palette. Maybe not as dirty or grimed as you’d associate with INQ-/AoS28 but I’d still say that this qualifies based on the two as a pair.


“Bash” Killi and “Smash” Lobo..The Bash Brothers hailing from the Underhive and ready to tear up some S#!T..all in the name of good fun and carnage..

Julian has made two very impressive minis that easily could be used in INQ28. If there is one nitpick is that the red and the chain fist could be weathered even further.


Elith Isachsen is a grizzled Norse lineman, currently playing for Svalburg Destroyers. His teammates eye him with some suspicion, since he has been known to throw the ball, and on one occassion, actually catch it! However, despite this reputation, he is rather more likely to punch someone in the face..

James has made a mini that just as easily could be a bruiser in a INQ28 warband. He has used a lot of washes to get that trademark grimy look but a few highlights to get better contrast would improve the result further.


Skyla`s Unikhornes, Norsca themed Daemons of Khorne team.

This gives esoteric a face! Lovely miniatures but a few more highlights and some bruising of the skin would’ve helped link this in with AoS28 better.


Inside their Silver Towers, the Gaunt Summoners of Tzeentch experience time much differently than mere it is hard to say when the Tempter of Fortunes first became obsessed with the game of Blood Bowl. Who could blame him..! Already with a penchant for games of chance, the Tempter fell entranced with the shifting fates, the chaotic plays, merciless violence of the sport and the fanatic crowds the game draws to it. The Tempter of Fortunes began to see the possibilities of harnessing that chaotic energy into his wicked sorceries. He began to assemble a team of players plucked through time and space to play for him in his Silver Tower and win him fame, fortune and arcane powers heretofore unknown..

Casey shows that you can have colours in INQ-/AoS28 – that turquoise is mint! The only thing here is I`d like to see the metals worked more. It lacks a bit texture but has a great base to take it there now.
Lost Albion Idles`

Fimir are AoS28 on background alone! Google it if you dare 😉 Gary really had a ton of great stuff going but the highlight is that lovely cold green skin. I think that while fitting using the BB pitch as background distracts and robs votes sadly. Super impressive to finish a complete roster and markers within the time frame of the challenge!

Joint second

The top spots where super tight and it ended with a triple joint second place!


Ophelia Ironthorn. A dryad who was told she was too soft and pretty to join the forest she took matters into her own hands and stuffed her bark with iron nails of man and tore away her face in one agonising ritual of sacrifice..

Nathan has made a stunning mini and I for one would love to see a team in this style! The pity is that the picture quality isnt the best and that probably robbed a few votes I fear.


Kaiser Wilhelm Totenkult

Paul has taken fairly standard builds and really knocked out a fantastic paintjob! I think that it is the very distracting background that robs votes here.



All key ingredients are in place here. Conversions, fitting paintjob and a neutral background. Great job! To think these are part of a full team!


Giuseppe Del Buono

Adalbert Rottenguts is an ogryn blocker starplayer, nicknamed “The Arm. This is because of his overzied and deformed limb. A proper weapon for both teammates and opponents..

Adalbert is also not able to follow game plans being dense as a rock..but he sure can throw it down with the best of them! Hopefully in the rigt direction beating the opponents and not his own team..

“The Arm” plays for Empire Renegade Team, a bunch of disreputable people, mostly humans, coming together for riches, food and killing it on the field. 

Giuseppe wins this with a fantastic mini that really pushes all the right buttons! Innovative build, great paintjob and pics that highlight these traits.
Fully deserved, so email me your adress and I`ll ship out the prize!


This has been a ton of fun and very inspiring for me and I hope it has been for you too! We now know Blood Bowl can be 28-ified while still retaining the qualities of the core game!

Mind three key things I hope this shows to get that INQ-/AoS28 look and feel;

  1. Convert your mini in a unique / innovative way
  2. Dirty and grimy paintjob with lots of textures but keep details and contrast
  3. Take good (preferably great) pics on a neutral background. Here’s a good tutorial that shows the main principle.

It is not a must to get all three but it sure helps  🙂

Maybe I’ll run a new challenge later but I’d love to get feedback in the comments on this one 🙂

And again, thanks to all involved – I salute you ❤️


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17 thoughts on “The Bloodbowl28 Challenge #6

  1. caseyrog says:

    Thanks for hosting the competition! It was a lot of fun and finally motivated me to get the last remaining minis for my Chaos Pact team finished. Congrats to everyone for a job well done!

  2. Gary says:

    Well done everyone; Such a strong field of competition, I love all of it!
    🙂 The Winning models are all amazing! – and the Top place model is truely top notch and a smashing 1st place.

    Thanks for running this competition it really motivated me – I love a deadline even if I almost didn’t make it!

  3. Giuseppe says:

    Oh, my Adalbert wins! Thanks a lot!

  4. euansmith says:

    Thanks for running the challenge. It got me to make minis that I wouldn’t have thought of making. The field was certainly packed with some quality contributions; and very varied too.

  5. Great job everyone! As one of the people who participated in the vote, I can say it wasn’t easy to pick just three favourites.

  6. Alex says:

    Nice round-up mate, some cracking stuff in there!

  7. Wudugast says:

    Fantastic stuff all round. Congratulations to everyone who participated, especially the very deserving winner – that troll is ace! Well done for running the competition as well, plenty of inspiration there for when I tackle my own Blood Bowl teams.

  8. jondogomulka says:

    Great first place! Would have been my choice as well…very close to those fimirs and their goulish tinies!

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