Invitational II – Regiments of the Thorn Moons

Iron Sleet has put out a new round of the Invitational!

This time around it is open for all and in short about contributing with 5 human sized miniatures representing the Astra Militarum. Probably worded better on Iron Sleet but this is my takeaway from it!

The first Invitational was a benchmark for me as a hobbyist. Firstly I think I was the one worming my way in by coining the term (un)Invitational and making miniatures for it. The event produced a ton of cool stuff and introduced a whole host of new and talented people creating innovative and inspirational INQ minis through Iron Sleet so it was cool being part of it.

Speaking of miniatures I can still remember how daunting it was to just let go and make something for the hell of it. Conforming only to the rule of cool. It is a lot more difficult than you’d first think. If you want you can see my first timid steps into it here. I think we can safely say that I have moved on and improved my work tenfold, but the core of my style is still present there I’d say.

Okay enough reminiscing. Over to the new stuff!

Rhani of Yhanzi (the Night Witches)

Led by the Puan Zhri Lakshmibai. This all female unit from the nursing corps has been specialised in jungle warfare and guerilla doctrine, and has been sent to the Thorn Moons to aid the training of auxiliary troops with their expertise. 

Armed with autoguns as they function better than lasguns in this enviroment and clad inlight mesh armour which gives both protection and the ability to move they are well equipped for the task.

The nickname “Night Witches” comes from their doctrine of attacking in the dead of night and the fearsome ghostlike optics on their helmets as wel as utilizing Disharmonicae servitors..

..who disrupt and stress the local wildlife. Driving the beasts towards their allocated target before sweeping in and eliminating the terrified remains.

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10 thoughts on “Invitational II – Regiments of the Thorn Moons

  1. Eric M Wier says:

    This is a great looking warband! It is good to see you are taking part in the second Invitational too, your brand of crazy imagination is perfect for it!

  2. Migs says:

    So cool! And yes, ten fold 🙂

  3. This is really cool! I think you should make some beasts to represent the local wildlife 🙂

  4. […] More about the warband and the Invitational II here. […]

  5. hotpanda says:

    I have scouring thw Warp for fellow denizens of the Thorn Moons. So glad that I found your night witches as they are unreal. Looking forward to seeing you r journey in the invitation.

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