The Bloodbowl28 challenge #3



As I am hosting the #bloodbowl28challenge I obviously won’t participate but that doesn’t mean I won’t be inspired by it!

I made my Nurgle Rotters team from these two boxes;

and with these kits sprinkled in;


This is my count as rotspawn. I call her Rosemary 🌹

Wanted this model since it came out and this was a great excuse imo as BB is the game I play regulary (weekly basis).

Fairly simple conversion of the Lady and a trimmed pile from the Corpse cart. I also lowered her, trimmed the skirt and added arms and pads from the pro elves.


Ogors+pro Elves+BB dwarfs+blight kings+ plague bearers

Fairly similar to the stock ones but I’m cool with that as I love those anyway!


Pro elves + those Nurgle cultists + plaguebearer heads + blight king helmets. Still a few horns short though..

Love these and I will field all of them from the start!


Simple conversions using pro elf+plaguebearer+Nurgle cultists bitz. I really like the pro elves so I didn’t want to mess around too much with them.

Star player

You always want to have star players when you can so I picked two that I can see myself using when possible;

Guffle Pusmaw

Legs are pro elf, then I spliced a nurgling and that gaping belly from the blight kings set. Works a treat!

The second star player is a recycle so I’ll get back to him when painting.

In addition I plan on making markers and a head coach. Even have some plans for a box but that’s a big maybe.

The #bloodbowl28challenge is really picking up now and there’s a ton of great stuff inbound! Be sure to track the hashtag πŸ™‚


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17 thoughts on “The Bloodbowl28 challenge #3

  1. Alex says:

    Excellent looking team dude! Looking forward to seeing these painted!

  2. caseyrog says:

    Oh are we supposed to email you the pics, or just tag ’em on Instagram?

  3. Wudugast says:

    These are fantastic – not sure I could pick a favourite but I love the Bloaters and Rosemary is very clever πŸ™‚

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