Tales of Nestorian #2 «Escape»

The second part in the Nestorian Infestation setting and things are heating up for Berrugoete!

Me, Alexander and Helge have a very chill approach to this. Nestorian Infestation is not a big event but more of a slow cooker that will simmer and boil for a good while. Meaning it’ll be a game here and there over a good span of time. Hope you all will have the patience required.

Also from a practical standpoint with miniatures, we’ve barely finished half of what will be used here.


Okay so the second game has a scenario that is obviously connected to the outcome in the first game, where Berrugoete and his investigating team uncovered something foul in the form of a Genestealer cult employing airborne agents to infest a population.

Now it is about staying alive long enough and get to the extraction point so word of this new Infestation will reach the Inquisiton and proper measures can be taken.

I haven’t posted the modified version of AoM but we got to try the latest variant with vehicle rules for the shuttle. I’ll get back to the details there in a separate post when I’m done updating AoM to version 3.

Now this scenario is about escape as they where almost taken out during the investigating. So the Ordo Xenos only have 3 left in the investigating team..

..and the shuttle with crew. Note that these are inactive from the start and Berrugoete needs to reach them somehow in order to utilize them.

In total the Ordo Xenos have 12 wounds allocated on 6 miniatures. The shuttle has 5 hull points and no save.

The Genestealer cult start out with a small contingent that will be reinforced each turn on two random locations..

..a dangerous unknown hybrid variant..

..and the omnious NPC constructs and spores..

In total 12ish wounds for the Genestealer cult but as he’ll get constant reinforcements it was probably a bit more.

Helge organised the board like this, as his Genestealer cult has herded my Ordo Xenos into a killbox.

Note that the area is still full of fumes and smoke so max visibility is 12″ and comms are poor so reaching out to the shuttle crew at the rendevouz point will be difficult to say the least.


Sector O-HR 31892

Our master, Berrugoete has not returned according to scheduled plans. Comms and visual on surface level are nil.

Initiating extraction order +EFFUGIUM+

Current situational analysis after failure to arrive at extraction point +PRIMIS+

  • 50% – Operational strength
  • 0% – Communications
  • 25% – Visual
  • Hazardouz air pollutant danger level +GAMMA+

Conclusion; 90% likelihood +EFFUGIUM+ has been initiated by Killigrew.

Proceed accordingly.

The expendable always goes first.

The Leper follows no orders, only his own path..

..and for now mine and his intertwine.

We cannot see them.

Yet we know they close in on us, as our hearing is not clouded. They are not trained soldiers, but sheer numbers is a threat too.

Just outside our periphery, even more arrive. Indirectly forcing our path.

Herded like livestock.

Soon initiative must be taken back.

Who controls them.

There must be a leader.

Kill him and the body lacks the head that commands.

An intersection.

So this is where we are lead, into a kill zone.

Yet +EFFUGIUM+ is in action and time is such that we must force through or be left alone, succumbing to attrition..

Witholding before entering the open area lures a hybrid out, its feral instincts overriding the control on the beast.

What manner of hybrid is this?

Less than a purestrain, more than a hybrid..

Letting the expendable take the brunt of the attack, Berrugoete enters and kills the unknown hybrid. Sampling its tissue for future examinations.

Now the cult enters in full.

Opens fire.

An expendable dies.

There, the probable head. A minor Magos control these.

Priority to neutralize him.

Surrounded by a choking mass of bodies Leper Hansen thrives. His disfigured and broken body still imbued with a righteous fervour.

Nothing takes him down.

Not clubs.

Not claws

Not guns.


Hansen is only broken outside..

His Spirit and Soul are an indomitable force, as the cultists painfully experience as they break time and again against this human wall.

He will simply not die.

Witholding to analyse the enemy, and to avoid personal harm..a flying spore detonates behind an unsuspecting Berrugoete. But the hazard suit takes the hit without harm, picking up further biomass for future examinations.

Who are behind these hybrid variants. Unknown patterns all.

Is the little Magos in control?

One can wonder who controls who..

..yet straying thoughts can be death here..


As we kill, more and more arrive.

Time runs out..

That cannot be allowed.

Death to those that oppose!

But Death to these lesser cultists will not solve the objective..

They are only a distraction.

Wading into combat, Berrugoete easily dispatch two and let the third one flee.

Nothing to waste ammunition on.

The Leper is enjoying the thrill of combat.

Almost too much. He lets them think they have a chance.

Ah, but there – contact! Killigrew is impatient and needs release.

Relaying targeting data on the current threat.

Shuttle sweeps in and force the Magos into cover firing bursts with the stubber.

The updraft sends a spore into the Magos but he cannot be harmed any longer by its contents..

Desperate to not fail in stopping Berrugoete from escaping, a psychic beacon is sent out with the last of the Magos’ mental strength.

A full horde of cultist arrive, missiles screaming out of the fumes to take down the shuttle.

Yet the majority of weapons cannot harm it and Killigrew keeps them at bay with the stubber.

The last few cultists within reach are struck down.

It is time to leave.




Threat level;



Another great evening with beer and throwing some dice!

The game flowed even more smoothly than last time and we could focus on character traits and how the unknown hybrids would behave.

Highlights I’d say was Leper Hansen and Berrugoete’s inability to die despite Helge hitting with a ridicolous amount of stuff. I mean Berrugoete tanked two direct hits from a freaking grenade launcher 😂 How Leper survived all that came his was is also beyond us. Basically these two are ripe for further developement of their character.

Hopefully we’ll get in another round before Easter, and as you can imagine that’ll be a rough round as Berrugoete is hellbent on punishing this Genestealer cult!


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17 thoughts on “Tales of Nestorian #2 «Escape»

  1. heavyman927 says:

    Great story, great photos and great table!

  2. This is such a treat to read about. All elements of the project are expertly done. Really looking forward to seeing it all unfold further.

    • Thank you Ana 😊
      I think that’s due to the loose timeframe. Nothing is stressed. Everything develops naturally and characters are developing true characteristics as we go along. Leper Hansen is one of these and he has etched his place with both me and Helge and as such it is a joy to see the game unfolding and the character with it.

  3. I thoroughly enjoyed the read and the photos. Great terrain

  4. Alex says:

    So frickin’ cool – lovely minis, amazing board, great story… perfect.

  5. Ross says:

    Looks like it was a great game!

    With such rich and characterful models, scenery and gaming it’s no wonder that such vivid stories spontaneously emerge. I’m seeing a lot more of these narrative-type battle reports these days and they do such a great job of building a world around the figures.

  6. Adam Wier says:

    Damn, this game really sounds like a nail-biter! The Emperor was really with Berrugoete
    and Leper Hansen. Incredible!

    I can’t wait to hear about the next game! Keep up the great work.

    • Cheers Adam! Yeah what seemed like a simple affair for the cult turned into something else quickly when the dice turned hot on all rolls. We did however find a great solution for how the cult should function in-game and when we get deeper into it things will get a lot more difficult.

  7. […] It is the shuttle that’s the first painted mini, a lot more pics here. The paint had barely dried before it had its Trial by fire in a game of my Ordo Xenos against a Genestealer cult incursion. You can read all about that here. […]

  8. euansmith says:

    Great stuff. I really enjoy your style of battle report; where the reader pieces together the action from the excellent photos and the gnomic quotes. I would prefer if it were possible to click on photos to see them closer up, but you can’t have everything.

    The factions are excellent, with the Workers looking very lush and forming a nice contrast against the crusted Imperial forces. The drifting heads are very creepy, and the use of spore mines adds a cool sense of a subverted biome to setting.

    • Thanks euan! What are you viewing via as they are at full scale when uploaded.

      Yeah bringing out the contrast between the opposing forces but in the opposite way of what you’d expect was part of the charm here. It makes you look twice at who’s who.

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  10. […] me and Helge got some games in, which as always where among the highlights of the […]

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